What is Storyboard?

Storyboard (TryStoryboard.com) is a fast growing startup that allows companies, teams, and organizations to share podcast-like audio that can be consumed on demand. Our product values are driven by:

  1. The belief that the future of work needs to be more flexible, especially as remote and hybrid work styles continue to grow;
  2. The understanding that audio delivers unique power for anyone to record and share their voice while delivering authenticity;
  3. The workplace should be collaborative and inclusive, and communication channels should allow for employees to engage and participate "on demand" or asynchronously;

We were founded in 2019 to build a product that would help employees take a training, catch up on the latest Town Hall, or share notes with their team without the constant burden of live video calls or a deluge of emails.

Over 2,000 companies globally use Storyboard, including paying customers like DHL, Outreach, and HelloFresh. We have amazing backers who have invested in Storyboard, including top funds like CRV, Operator Partners, and the Slack Fund.

We were named one of the "Top 50 Seed Companies to Work For" by Will Reed and Pitchbook because of our vision and culture.

Who are we searching for?


Full Stack Engineer

Frontend Engineer

iOS Developer



What else?

If these roles do not seem like a fit, don't hesitate to share your resume and a quick blurb about what caught your eye by emailing us at [email protected]. We're moving fast, and it's great to build a connection early.

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